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Business Value Enhancer Development Series

Team Talk

Learning Advisor Masterclass

Module 1: Building Business Acumen

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Having a robust understanding of business fundamentals and the context of how your specific clients’ operate are essential to being a high-performing L&D professional - a Learning Advisor. In fact, according to CEB L&D research, this knowledge can improve your performance by nearly 30%. The challenge many L&D professionals face is “how”—how to build this critical knowledge. Fortunately, you can build your business and client-specific acumen everyday by focusing on the key business essentials and tapping into the networks you already have.

In this replay of the first session of the series—we have discussed the foundational business principles for L&D professionals, ways to utilize your professional network to build your business and client expertise, and how to apply your growing knowledge to extend your influence. In addition, in this replay, we have assembled an action plan for you to identify and document your own efforts towards this goal of building business and client acumen.

You will learn:

  • The key business concepts every L&D professional should understand

  • How to harness your professional network to build critical business and client knowledge on-the-job

  • How to apply business and client expertise to make an impact


To access all Learning Advisor Masterclass sessions, visit the Learning Advisor Masterclass series homepage.

Module 2: Developing Influence to Drive Impact

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From consulting on performance problems to marketing learning content, influence plays a major role in every major aspect of an L&D professional’s job. Learning Advisors are able to influence the business on talent-related challenges, a key to supporting the achievement of business goals and demonstrating your value to the organization.

In this second session of the series—we have discussed the six key levers of influence that will give you the confidence and credibility to impact stakeholders and business decisions. In addition, in this replay we have assembled an action plan for you to identify and document your own efforts towards this goal of developing influence to drive impact.

You will learn:

  • Why developing influence is so important in your role

  • Key levers you can use to increase your influence

  • How to apply influence principles to Needs Analysis

Module 3: Driving A Productive Learning Culture

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In an environment of constant change and increasingly varied learning sources, most L&D functions recognize the value of building a strong learning culture within their organizations. A productive learning culture is characterized by relevant, high quality learning experiences; sound learning capabilities; shared ownership of the learning environment and high learning impact.

During this event replay, we will discuss the key imperatives for driving towards a productive—not simply participative—learning culture.

You Will Learn:

  • How to define quality learning experiences

  • An approach for content curation

  • How to teach employees how to learn

Module 4: Building Effortless Learning Experiences

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Learners today are finding L&D solutions hard to find and use at their moments of need, and even more difficult to apply to their careers. The best L&D functions create an “effortless learning experience” for their employees, making their solutions easy to find, use, and apply both now and in the future.

During this session, we will share how to design and deliver learning solutions for your employees that meet the bar of “Effortless”.

Access this replay to learn:

  • How effective your L&D function is at delivering effortless learning experiences,

  • The mindset shift necessary to design and deliver learning experiences ripe for consumption, and

  • How to boost the career applicability of your learning solution.

Module 5: Creating Learner-Centric Solutions

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While traditional learning design models fail to keep up with today’s continuously evolving learning and business landscape, design thinking methodology helps L&D professionals address the challenges of complex and fast-changing work environments. Design thinkers ultimately create the most innovative and learner-centric learning solutions.

During this event replay of the series,  we teach you how to take on a more flexible and fluid approach, incorporate user feedback throughout the process, and speed solution creation.

You Will Learn:

  • How effectively your organization employs design thinking

  • The key tenets of design thinking

  • About the 4 components of a learner-centric design approach

Module 6: Demonstrating Impact Through Learning Analytics

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At a time when L&D is increasingly being asked to demonstrate business impact, data is not leading to insights or impact. To make an impact on the business, Learning Advisors don’t simply track and “report out” on a variety of metrics, but rather combine data with business judgment and analysis skills to derive insights that support talent decisions.

You Will Learn:

  • How effective you are at using data and analytics in your role

  • How to create data-driven stories

  • How to use data to influence stakeholders.

Module 7: Capitalizing on Innovations in Technology

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Although L&D functions are increasingly investing in learning technologies to meet the expectations of today’s learner, these investments don’t always pay off. To overcome the common challenges with learning technology, L&D must understand the evolving learning technology landscape to make principled investments that will drive business goals and develop employees today and in the future.

During this event replay, we will review the technology innovations that are gaining traction; highlight criteria for technology investments; outline key steps for deploying technology investments and discuss pitfalls to avoid.

You Will Learn:

  • How to become more intentional about building a learning technology strategy.

  • Elements of a smart learning technology investment.

  • Ways to avoid common technology pitfalls.

Module 8: Making the Most Out of Your Most Valuable 

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Managers are critical to employee development and yet remain a perennial challenge in most organizations. They struggle to provide their employees the coaching, development experiences, and feedback they need to improve performance and hit business goals. To better support managers in their role of developing employees among their countless competing priorities, Learning Advisors must create an effortless learning experience.

During this event replay, we introduced the elements of an effortless learning experience and explain how L&D professionals can boost the effectiveness of their organization’s greatest asset, managers.

You Will Learn:

  • About gaps in your current manager approach

  • About the four different manager profiles

  • The key imperatives for developing managers today

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