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Micro Digital Business Management Series

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UpSkilling the business and management skills in the new era of digital disruption

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11 Skills

  • Learning Agility

  • Leadership

  • Change Management

  • Business Acumen

  • Platform Business Design

  • Digital Transformation

  • Organizational Transformation

  • Business Data Analytics

  • Emotional Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Growth Hacking

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Learn from the world's best 

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UpSkilling the ways you run businesses and leading team 

Module 1: The new business arena and the new business models

Module 2: The new ways of managing businesses and organization

Module 3: The hyper personalization and the right mix of traditional and digital marketing

Module 4: Leading the team to 10x performance

Module 5: Running the seamless operations with the flawless executions

Module 6: Financial Management in the next normal world

Module 7: Managing Risk and Being Secured in the digital world


Focus on what really matters
Why/What 60% and How 40%

For those who new in the topics, let's start with Why and get to know the concept.

For those who familiar with the topics and would like to focus on building the skills can start at the "How" 

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Module 1: Dare to dream

  • Discover Me

  • MTP, Moonshot and OKRs

  • Learning How to Learn – 10X Learning

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Module 2: The Foundation & The New Arena

  • Digital/Organizational Transformation

  • Platform Business Strategy and Model

  • Leading team across the new normal turbulence

  • The new/next normal leadership

  • 10 things leaders must do

  • Leading change

  • Leading and embracing innovative culture

  • Deep Soft Skill

  • Understand Self & Team

  • Point Of You

  • Critical Thinking

  • Art of Communication

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