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Leading through a crisis: Insights from research and practice

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

By ProfessorJean-François Manzoni

These ten weeks of “theory-guided practice” led Jean-François to identify four key insights that he will share through a series of four video vignettes brought to viewers twice-weekly.  

The first video will explore the importance of the leadership team and what you must do to ensure that the whole team, and not just you as its leader, is operating at its best.

The second video will focus on communicating with the troops. In a crisis, human beings need to hear some messages again and again. It is hence even more important than usual to be deliberate and thoughtful about what, when and how you communicate to whom.

The third video will address the challenges of allocating your attention between the short term and the long term. You must ensure that your organization survives the crisis, but also that it comes out of it stronger and with forward momentum.

The last video vignette will focus on you: A lot will be riding on you through this crisis, including providing good answers on the three dimensions above. How will you manage yourself, as a leader and as a human being, to ensure that you remain at peak performance through this difficult time? 

Video 1: 4 Insights into Leading in and through a Crisis

Video 2: 4 Insights into Leading in and through a Crisis: The importance of the leadership team

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